Machine Repair and Design has been producing OEM replacement parts for a wide variety of manufacturing and machine equipment from around the world.  We understand that when your production line goes down you can’t wait for replacement parts on your new or obsolete equipment.  We can work from prints, CAD, or even reverse engineer from the broken part.  Just bring it in and we’ll make it work again.

OEM Replacement Capabilities

  • Reverse engineer from broken parts
  • Single part manufacturing
  • Improvement & replacement part or assembly design

If your obsolete production equipment goes down or you want to replace it with a locally sourced option we can help you design new equipment to perform the same functionality.  Our machinists and engineers have been designing production equipment for over 30 years.

Production Equipment Design

  • Wrapping, sealing & packaging equipment
  • Food handling & processing
  • Metal processing
  • Drilling
  • Heavy equipment

Call or email us today to talk about your parts replacement issues.  We’ll help you solve them one way or another.